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Open URLs from your Alexa environment.
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Have you ever wanted to open a URL from your Alexa environment?

URL Switch makes it possible to open URLs using voice commands and Alexa routine.

Overview of URL Switch:

With URL Switch, it becomes possible to control smart home devices, for which a dedicated Alexa skill does not exist. The only thing you need is a public web link for you smart home device. URL Switch also makes it possible to integrate a Raspberry Pi and similar devices in your Alexa environment. The device only needs to be accessible through a public URL.

Setting up URL Switch is really easy:

  1. Go to www.virtualsmarthome.xyz/url_switch and log in in using your Amazon account.
  2. Create your first URL switch. You can provide a URL that will be called when you turn on the URL Switch. You can provide a second URL that will be called when you turn the URL Switch off.
  3. Activate the URL Switch skill in your Alexa App and log in with your Amazon account.
  4. Now, the URL Switch you created earlier will be discovered as a switch (power controller device) in your Alexa environment. When you turn the switch on, the URL you provided will be opened.

Have fun!